Celebrating over sixty years of

club history and tradition. 

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Thredbo Alpine Club has its origins in the late fifties when a group of likeminded Sydney University students saw the opportunity to build a lodge in the newly established ski resort at Thredbo.  Through their pioneering vision and a hard working, hands on collaborative effort, Thredbo Alpine Club was successfully brought to fruition in 1957. 

About Thredbo Alpine Club

The first discussions around what is now known as the Thredbo Alpine Club (TAC) began in October 1957 between a group of sprightly young men from Sydney. Following the first discussions, considerable planning, negotiations, funding, man hours and lots of hard work saw the formation of what is now the Thredbo Alpine Club. The first TAC party was held in June 1958 and most of the regulars in the village were in attendance. Today the club stands proud in the bustling Thredbo Village and celebrates over 60 years of history and tradition with over 430 club members. 

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