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Thredbo Alpine Club Membership Information

Thredbo Alpine Club is a not-for-profit members’ club established in 1957 to encourage and promote the sport of skiing and other alpine sports. The Club’s current membership numbers around 430.


Membership of Thredbo Alpine Club is through a nomination and referee process. An applicant will need a proposer, a seconder and two referees, all of whom must be members of the Club. The minimum age for joining Thredbo Alpine Club is 18.

TAC - Joining Fees.jpg

**Family Fee

A Family Nominee is defined as one whose spouse, partner, father, mother, sibling, grandfather, grandmother, father-in-law, mother-in-law, uncle aunt or cousin has been a member of Thredbo Alpine Club for two years or more.



The entrance Fee may be paid either in one lump sum or in two instalments.

If paying by instalment:

  • 1st instalment – 50% of joining fee – due on joining

  • 2nd instalment – 50% of joining fee plus 2% admin fee – due 1 February the year following joining.

If the entrance fee is paid in one lump sum, the subscription fee for the year of joining is included in the joining fee.

To commence the application process, download a Membership Application Form


Complete the form and obtain the required references, then email the form to

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