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Summer at Thredbo Alpine Club

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Thredbo is a year round resort and Thredbo Alpine Club provides the perfect base to get into the great Australian outdoors. 

Club Events

2021 saw the development of two special interest weekends at Thredbo Alpine Club - a hiking weekend and a mountain biking weekend. The Club intends to make these summer weekend events fixtures on the Club calendar.


For MTB riders, the Club will hold Competition Weekend that includes both cross-country and downhill MTB events. 


For Members who enjoy the unique alpine environment of Thredbo's high country, there is a hiking weekend planned for April. 

Info about the Hiking weekend coming soon..


Thredbo Activties

In addition to hiking and MTB, Thredbo  offers a range of activities to suit just about everyone - from the extreme to the leisurely to the pampering. It's also a great place to simply relax and enjoy the mountain air. For the latest information on all the Thredbo activities visit the resort website's activities page. 

The events calendar in Thredbo is always a full one. Enjoy live music, kids school holiday festivals, dining, unique on-mountain experiences and more. There’s something for everyone to enjoy. Keep up to date vy visiting the resort's  events page.

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