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2023 Race Results

Period 1
For the first time we had 3 instructors for period 1, enabling us to split the kids based upon ability. The kids formed friendships and the parents bonded. Some nervous kids took to the High Noon race on the second last day, everyone having lots of fun.
 The development program was a highlight.
Thanks to Tyson, Thomas & Archie for their combined instruction and providing a fun program.
The kids love skiing together and developing their skills as a club group.
The kids had such a great time and they loved getting their certificates. Jan Hole and Fi Godsall made the celebration a lot of fun, running through the instructors’ quippy comments for each
Our three fastest skiers for the period were
Luca Grehan
Jackson Godsall-Hole
Theo Lawford-Smith.

Period 2
Thanks to Steph Bailey, Ailsa Hosking and Catriona Graham for helping with the parent co-ordinator role. We had a very full lodge and 3 instructors for the period, Tyson, Thomas & Archie. The kids loved them. Surprisingly, there was still no crowds, the weather was good and the snow held up.
 The club race was held on High Noon which was a little slower for some of the clubs fastest skiers. Our three fastest skiers for the period were
William Graham
Olivia Clifford
Alistair Bridgewater.
Period 3
Thanks to Christie Poulos & Catriona Graham for assisting with the  parent co-ordinator role.
Once again, there were still no crowds, the weather was OK and the snow was holding up really well.
 We had another very full lodge with plenty of racers and with the addition of some other members who were staying in the village the program participation was high.
 Our three fastest skiers for the TAC Club race were
Sophia Hanel
Thomas Cameron
Darcy O’Dea.
Period 4
Thanks to Jerome Yim and Ange O’Dea for stepping up as the parent co-ordinator for period 4. Stirling job Jerome! There were about 15 kids in the ski program. Great fun was had by all and I believe a lot of improvement over the week.
 Unfortunately the race was held on the last day (Sunday) so some families had to leave.
 Our three fastest skiers for the TAC Club race were
Saskia McKay
Emily Fawcett
Jacques Dezarnaulds.
All the parents showed great thanks to Jerome for doing such a great job.
Note: For the first time, we are booking an instructor for the September School holidays, so if you missed out in the ballot, or simply want to head back down for some spring skiing with the kids, we’ll take care of their instructor! <I can’t see that Ashliegh Blue and family are booked in for September, so it’s hard for me to commit to a date!>

Thredbo Children’s Interclub Race Results 2023
The Thredbo Junior Interclub race was brought forward to period 2 this year and like the Period 2 Club Races was held on High Noon on Tuesday 4th, so our team was familiar with the course.
Hoping to build on a great result last year, we fielded another large team with 15 racers.
 There was some very fast competition but we performed really well.
The TAC Children’s team did a fantastic job up against some really fast skiers, this year finishing in 5th place overall, tied with Silver Brumby (again) and scoring 5 points (we scored 4 points in 2022, 3 points in 2019, 2018 - 2 points, 2017 - 0 points,). SCA won on 16 points, SASC 13, Burghutte 8, Crackenback 7, TAC 5/Silver Brumby 5, Roslyn 3, Brindabella 0, Redbank 0 &  Pindari did not compete.
We had a lot of fun on the last night as we handed out the instructors awards, such a good job.
TAC finished 4th in the 11 & under team (up from 6th last year), a excellent 4th in the 12-14 category and 5th in the 15-18 years.

11 and under (team of 3,): 4th Place out of 8 teams

• Benjamin Bailey (9) 6th boy out of 14 boys

• Gia Thomas-Hughes (10) 6th girl out of 15 girls

·       Olive Thomas-Hughes (9) 11th out of 15 girls

12-14 years (team of 3): 4th Place out of 8 teams
• Juliette Bailey (14) 3rd girl out of 18 girls
• Victoria Sherlock (12) 4th girl out of 18 girls
• Eloise Bailey (12) 8th girl out of 18 girls
15 to 18 years (team of 3): 5th Place out of 7 teams
• Olivia Clifford (17) 5th girl out of 11 girls
  • Alistair Bridgwater (15) 12th boy out of 16 boys 
• Jasper Bolles (16) 14th boy out of 16 boys
Katrina Dawson & Andy Neil trophies
The Katrina Dawson trophy is awarded to our Junior Female Club Champion and the Andy Neil trophy
to the Junior Male Club Champion.
The Junior female club champion and recipient of the Katrina Dawson Trophy was
Olivia Clifford
The Junior male club champion and recipient of the Andy Neil trophy was
William Graham
Kids Presentation – Barefoot Bowls at The Greens North Sydney
Once again, there will be a Children’ Ski Program Presentation Day in October when awards will be made for the most improved in each squad, best sport in each squad and the Andy Neil and Katrina Dawson trophies. It’s such a great day bare foot bowling on the Greens at North Sydney, we’ll be looking to hold it there again this year.

Director of Skiing
Simon Clifford
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